Use Of Arestin

We have documented from your recent maintenance appointments a pocket or multiple pockets 5mm or greater in your mouth.  Instrumentation by our hygienist does help to remove plaque and tarter that has accumulated in these areas despite adequate daily oral hygiene.  As a periodontal office, we know that three month maintenance or recall has proven to be effective in prevention of any reoccurrence of periodontal disease.  In some cases more help is required to keep this destructive process in remission.

We can now offer to place a time release antibiotic, Arestin, into these postsurgical pockets.  The antibiotic releases minocycline (a tetracycline derivative) over a 2 month period.  This is an added benefit to you, the patient.  Not only does the plaque get removed at your maintenance visit, but this antibiotic will help to change the environment of the pocket to limit bacterial growth that causes gum disease.

Your daily oral hygiene on average will go 3mm below your gums to clean out food and plaque.  Our goal in periodontal therapy is to get all pockets to as close to 3mm as possible.   This does not always occur post surgery.  Sometimes residual 5mm pockets remain.  These pockets are at a higher risk for potential bone loss in the future.   A pocket after surgery is usually due to more severe bone loss that was present at your initial visit.  Bone grafting to regenerate bone or pocket elimination surgery may have had limited results.   With surgical intervention your gum disease was treated to gain the best possible long term prognosis of your teeth.

With the use of this medication we can alter the environment to help prevent the growth of harmful bacteria which thrive in deeper pockets. A charge is added to your maintenance visit.  Some dental insurance do not cover this procedure.  Majority of insurances leave this as an uncovered charge and the responsibly of the patient.  We will  submit treatment to your insurance to allow you to use your insurance benefits.

Please do not hesitate to ask Dr. Straka or the staff about Arestin.  We will be happy to explain the benefits of its use pertaining to your particular situation.

Thank you,

Dr. J. Brian Straka